HKC HM Electric Motor Actuator

Design Features

HM- series electric multi-turn actuator is specially designed for all multi-turn valve applications (linier motion valve), such as globe valve, gate valve, diaphragm valve, and etc. Moreover, by attaching a worm gearbox, it can also be used for large sized quarter turn valve applications, such as butterfly valve and ball valve.
The housing of all HM-series actuator are high grade aluminium alloys which re robust and light weight (except HM-100 to HM-300). To provide high corrosion resistance, they are hard anodized on the inside & outside and epoxy-polyurethane coating is further applied on the outside. with rugged design construction, there are two types of enclosure: watertight enclosure (IP68) and flame proof enclosure (Ex d IIB T4).
HM-Series actuator provides wide range of torque outputs to meet specific customer torque requirements. Direct torque outputs range from 35 Nm to 3,000 Nm. When combined with a worm gearbox , the maximum torque output can be adjust up to 500,000 Nm.
For setting HM-Series actuator, there is no need to remove the cover (non-intrusive setting). All settings can be done via either local control switches or infrared wireless communication. The simple user interface supports English and Korean languanges.



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