VENN AFV-1N Air Vent Valve with Vacuum Breaker

Design Features

Small Air Vent A Valve With Enhanced Intake Function Used For Piping, Hot Water Boilers, Fan Coils, Small And Medium-Sized Pressure Tanks, Solar Systems, Etc. Inspiratory Volume: 0.38L / S [At Valve Differential Pressure 2.9KPa



F&B, Pharmaceutical, FMCG, Building



CAC406 / Cast Bronze


Pressure and Temperature

5-80 ℃ ; 1.0MPa or less



DN 1/2 to 1 inch



Inlet: JIS R screw (compatible with P / V core) Intake / exhaust port: JIS Rc1 / 4 screw (The intake and exhaust ports of the attached intake and exhaust joints are JIS Rc3 / 8 screws.)

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