VENN EIT-2D Emergency Shut-Off Valve for Water Receiving Tank, Stainless steel

Design Features

An electromagnetic emergency shutoff valve used for the emergency shutoff system of the water tank. It is used in combination with a seismic sensor and a CB type control panel with a built-in battery. The operation is valve closing when energized. Restoration is a safer recovery method because the shutoff valve is opened manually after operating the seismic sensor reset switch on the control panel. Generally, it is attached to the outlet of a water receiving tank or elevated water tank, and in an emergency, the pipeline and the water tank are blocked by a signal from the control panel to secure water in the water tank.



F&B, Pharmaceutical, FMCG, Building





Pressure and Temperature

5-60 ℃ ; 1.0MPa



2 to 8 inch



JIS 10K FF flange

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