FLUITEK ORSENIGO Compact Design Double Block and Bleed

Design Features

Fluitek Orsenigo can meet all the requirements coming from the Customer, including the need of valves with reduced dimensions and weight. For Double Block and Bleed design, Trunnion or Floating Type, special body design without flanges results in a very short end-to-end dimension. Pipeline bolts shall be screwed into threaded blind holes machined into valve body.

This customization of the product is possible, indeed, on all Fluitek Orsenigo Ball Valves production: all the dimensions coming from international codes (valve bore, valve end to end) of coming from Fluitek Orsenigo standard production range (valve weight, height from ground, operator height form line axis) can be modified trying to meet the requirements of the Customer for the specific project.



Oil & Gas



Body construction can be either forging or centrifugal casting. Wide range of materials: carbon steels, austenitic or martensitic SS, duplex-superduplex SS, nickel-based alloys.


Pressure and Temperature






Valve ends can be flanged (RF, FF, MF or FF, RTJ), according to ASME B16.5 (up to 24”) or ASME B16.47 (26” and above), Butt-Welding according to ASME B16.25, or Hub, according to customer Requirements.

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