RICHTER SR/SRV/SR-B/SRV-B Type Lined Ball Check Valve with Sight Glass

Design Features

Horizontal, inclined, Vertical, installation. Suitable for vapours, gases and liquids. integrated with Maximal protection by Borosilicate glass panes. SR series with solid ball. SRV series with hollow ball. SR-B series with solid ball and soft-sealing seat. SRV-B with hollow ball and soft-sealing seat. SRZ-V series with hollow plug and soft-sealing seat.



Chemical & Petrochemical, Pulp & Paper, Mining, Smelter, Mineral



Body in Ductile iron ASTM A395 PFA-lined. Ball in PTFE (optionally stainless steel, Hastelloy), Plug in PTFE, Seat rings in PTFE, Sight glass in borosilicate glass to DIN 7080


Pressure and Temperature

SR/SRZV from vacuum up to 235 psi (16 bar), -75 to 360 °F (-60 to +180 °C)
SRV/SRV-B from vaccum up to 45 psi ( 3 bar), -75 to 210 °F (-60 to +100 °C)



SR/F SR-B/F, SRV/F, SRV-B/F : DN 25, 40, 50, 80, 100
SRZ-V/F : DN 25, 50



DIN EN 1092-2, type B (ISO 7005-2, type B) PN 16 or flanges drilled to ASME 16.5, Class 150

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