CVS Series V100 Straight Type Segmented Ball Control Valve

Design Features

The CVS V100 Ball Valve design utilizes a standard ball with a triangular shaped wedge formed in it. This design allows for both throttling control and on/off service used in conjunction with a variety of actuators.
5 Typical actuators used; are the pneumatic spring and diaphragm rotary actuator (CVS 1051), and the pneumatic piston rotary actuator (CVS 1061). These actuators can be mounted either horizontally or vertically on the right or left-hand side viewed from forward flow inlet.



Oil & Gas, Geothermal, Chemical & Petrochemical, Power Plant



LCC, WCB AND CF8M Body. Other materials available upon request


Pressure and Temperature

Rating Class 150 through 600, Temperature up to 232 DegC



2 – 12 Inch



Wafer Flangeless

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