FLOWCON Dry Barrel Fire Hydrant

Design Features

Approvals: UL 246 Listed, FM 1510 Approved. Design Standard: AWWA C502. Mechanical connector: AWWA / ANSI C153 / A21.53 Model No. MH-1510A. Flange Connector: ASME B16.5 Class 150 / DIND2501 PN 16. Each hydrant is supplied with a hydrant wrench.



Building & Fire Fighting



Main Body on Ground: Ductile Iron, Flange Connector: Ductile Iron, Connecting Rod: Steel 1045, Tray: Ductile Iron, Sealed: EPDM, Upper End Cover: Ductile Iron. Painting Detailed: Red Polyurethane paint & Bitumen Black or painting upon request.


Pressure and Temperature

Maximum Working Pressure: 350 Psi (Maximum Testing Pressure: 700 Psi), conforms UL 312 & FM class 1210. Maximum working Temperature: 80°C / 176°F



Inlet Flange Size: 6″ (DN 150). Main Valve sizes: 133.4 mm / 5-1/4″



One pumper nozzle: 4.5 – 4 NH thread. Two hose nozzles, 2,5 – 7,5 NH threads. Other kind of thread are available

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