GALLI & CASSINA Multiport Three-Four Way Valves Lubricated Standard Type Plug Valves (API 6D)

Design Features

Multiport plug valves are built with the same characteristics such as the two way standard valves or inverted plug valves. Application of multiport plug valve gives more advantages than two way valves. In fact it can simplify the loop in diverting or mixing flow systems, reducing the cost of other components in the plant such as flanges, pipes and fittings. Three way plug valves can be made regular and transflow pattern.



Chemical & Petrochemical



1. Standard Carbon Steel Body and Plug – API 6D. (ASTM-A105-A216 WCB/WCC material) suitable for general services.
2. Carbon Steel Body and Plug (A352 LCB/LCC material) suitable for low temperature services.
3. Carbon Steel Body and Plug (ASTM A216WCB/WCC material) suitable for “SOUR SERVICE”(H2S and CO2) according to NACE-MR.01.75/Latest Edition. Note: Other material upon request


Pressure and Temperature

Material: ASTM A 105, ASTM A 2016 Gr.WCB, ASTM A 350 Gr. LF
Press. 110 psig … 740 psig
Temp. -20° F … 700° F
Material: ASTM A 216 Gr. WCC, ASTM A 352 Gr.LCC/LC2/LC3
Press. 110 psig … 750 psig
Temp. -20° F … 700° F



1/2″ to 8″



ANSI 150-300 Lb.

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