AMPO Calm Buoy Valve

Design Features

Valve types: Turn table valves or Centre Wheel valves.
Trunnion mounted type.
Full or reduced bore (limited to one size ND).
Split body: 2 or 3 pieces.
Sealant injection facilities on seats and stem for valve larger than 4” ND.
Fire Safe certified, API or ISO fire safe testing standard.
Double sealing barrier for dynamic sealing areas.
Special painting system for splash exposed valves.



Oil & Gas, Geothermal



Body and closure: A105 or A350LF2. Weld overlay in seat pockets. Ball: A 182F316 or A 182F51 or F6A Seats: A 182F316 or A 182F51 or F6A. Soft inserts. Stem: 174PH or A182F51 Bolting: B7/2H or grade M Bearing: 316SS + PTFE Seat spring: Inconel X750 Fire safe seal: Graphite + corrosion inhibitor 316SS weld overlays on seat pocket, stem lantern and lip seal pockets.

Soft-seated. Self relieving seats.
Environmental seals: Viton, HNBR.


Pressure and Temperature

Temperature: -5ºC up to 40ºC
150 LBS up to 300 LBS



Up to 24”



Flanged ends

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