KSPC KSEVK Type Hinged Emergency Vent Cover Pressure Vacuum Relief

Design Features

The model KSEVK is designed to provide emergency pressure vacuum relief for storage tanks when exposed to over pressures and over vacuum that are not handled by standard tank vents. These vents provide the capacity to meet API standard 2000 for emergency venting due to fire exposure when properly sized. These covers can also be easily lifted open, providing a large, unobstructed passage for rapid entry and quick easy access to the tank for tank inspection and maintenance.



Oil & Gas, Chemical & Petrochemical, Palm Oil & Oleochemical, Storage Tank



Aluminium, Carbon Steel, SS304 and SS316 with various trims


Pressure and Temperature

KSEVK Permernent Setting Min. + 50/ – 25 mmW.C ~ Max. + 700/ – 700 mmW.C



DN 400, 450, 500 and DN 600



ANSI Class 150 and API 650

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