KSPC KSFTFH Type Flame Trap Explosion Proof In-Line

Design Features

The model KSFTFH flame trap assy of KSPC is composed of KSPC Model KSFH flame arrester and quick closing valve, automatically, in according to a rise temperature of heat. Generally, it’s installed to pipe line in front of gas line from each holder and digester. Also, it’s prevent igniter to install in using gas equipment line. Flame Trap is designed to protect as a from explosion of propagation of flame.



Oil & Gas, Chemical & Petrochemical, Palm Oil & Oleochemical, Storage Tank, Shipyard & Marine



Stainless Steel with various trims


Pressure and Temperature

Fuse Activating Temperature / time : KSFTFH / DN 25 ~ DN 300 + 127℃ (=260℉) within 15 seconds



DN 25 ~ DN 300



ANSI Class 150

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